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2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Bicolore (LP560-4)

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Bicolore (LP560-4)


MAKE: Lamborghini

MODEL: Gallardo Bicolore (LP560-4)

COLOUR: Bianco Monocerus

YEAR: 2011

MILEAGE: 32,220

PRICE: £79,995.00 

  • Description

    Striking looking, conversation starting, drawing crowds, bedroom wall worthy designs are what Lamborghini are known for and the Gallardo is no different. With a raucous naturally aspirated V10 at its heart, it’s no baby Lambo. 553bhp thumps from the mid mounted engine and delivers power in a relentless way. With the 4-wheel drive, it doesn’t struggle to put that power to the road either. Feeling surefooted at any speed, this car inspires confidence in any corner.


    Firing the car up from cold start an almost sweet tone is emitted from the twin exhausts, calming down to a more sedate grumble at idle once it has warmed up and settled down. The car is easy to drive, you could even daily it, with very reasonable MPG figures and constant grip, it works well as a normal car. Heated seats, parking camera and front-end lift make getting around town a doddle too, so even for those of you that like to use their car in all manners, it won’t restrict your daily errand running, it may just speed them up slightly!


    On the road it is completely faultless. There is no area to mark the car down on, it is tight, responsive, smooth and refined. Open it up and you hear the bellow of the V10 and it’s worth every penny!


    The exterior of the car has been machine polished and prepped by our in-house detailer here, this it presents very well, with only a few age-related marks, most of which are on the areas applied with PPF, thus protecting the paintwork underneath. The interior is also in great shape, with no real wear or patina to speak of and everything works just as it did when it left the factory. A cracking on the button, rare supercar with the right spec and alloys to really finish off the look. If you’re after a Gallardo, they don’t get much better!

  • Technical specification

    This rare 1 / 250 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 special edition Bicolore, left the factory with the following spec and is in fantastic mechanical and aesthetic condition. It has a 5.2 V10, with the 4WD E-Gear automatic drivetrain. Registered in November 2011 (61 Reg) and finished in Bianco Monocerus and Nero Noctis with a Nero Perseus leather interior with Grigio Phoenix contrasting stitching which brings the interior to life.


    Other notable upgrades are - Suspension Lifting System | Transparent Engine Cover | Coloured Satellite Navigation | Style Package | Bi-Xenon Headlights | Heated Rear Mirrors | HomeLink | 3 Point Security Belts | White Side Indicators | iPod and USB Interface | Bluetooth | Electric Rear Spoiler | Four-Speaker Sound System | Windscreen Frame in Roof Colour | Reversing Camera | 19 Inch Multi-Spoke Skorpius Alloys in Titanium Grey | Floor Mats. All adding to a properly spec’d Gallardo with all of the must haves ticked off the list.


    Since being in our possession, the car has received a full service (with all parts sourced from Lamborghini) and a set of four new tyres. We have also had Lamborghini Tunbridge Wells check the clutch wear and it is at 48% wear, so 52% remains, meaning a good lifespan still within the original clutch. The brakes will also be bled ready for collection too in line with servicing requirements.


    The service history is as follows:


    16/11/2012 – 3,918 miles (Lamborghini Birmingham)

    03/12/2013 – 7,406 miles (Lamborghini Leicester)

    02/12/2014 – 12,215 miles (Lamborghini Sevenoaks)

    29/02/2016 – 13,329 miles (Lamborghini Sevenoaks)

    29/02/2017 – 14,157 miles (Lamborghini Sevenoaks)

    22/06/2018 – 18,836 miles (Grimaldi Engineering)

    12/12/2019 – 24,152 miles (Grimaldi Engineering)

    16/09/2021 – 28,146 miles (HPC Classics)

    16/05/2022 - 33,220 miles (HPC Classics) - Brakes bled & wheels refurbished.



    TRANSMISSION: E Gear automatic



    0 – 60   3.7 seconds

    Maximum speed  201 mph

    Power   553 bhp

    Torque  398 lbs ft.

    PRICE: £79,995.00 - Reduced to create space




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