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2017 Aston Martin Vanquish S

2017 Aston Martin Vanquish S


MAKE: Aston Martin

MODEL Vanquish S

YEAR 2017

MILEAGE 16,000


PRICE £108,995.00 - ONO

  • Description

    The last bastion of Aston Martins venerable naturally aspirated, hand built V12. Carrying the flag into an entirely new world order where smaller turbo-charged engines rule supreme, but only when you look at them from the government’s perspective! They don’t make enough noise, when they do it’s all chopped up, the DB11 although updated, lacks in so many areas when compared to the Vanquish S, least of all displacement. The fit, finish and overall build quality of the S is in a league of its own. Fire it up and with the primary cats removed, the V12s smooth symphony cracks the air and you know you’ve made the right decision instantly.


    The Vanquish S had quite a few upgrades from the previous iteration, mainly focussing on weight and handling, to make the big cruiser more of a competent B-road basher to compliment its mile munching ability and it was done rather well. Body control is as good as any modern GT, turn in with the hydraulic steering is very communicative, another lost art with the modern dull and dead electric units, yet another reason to choose the design longer in the tooth. Suspension tweaks, thanks to liberal use of carbon fibre and a smidge more power, all add to a car that really has no equal and that’s before you even set eyes on it.


    The looks are going to be hard to beat. Everyone knows an Aston is one of the better dressed motor cars available and always have been, but this hits the nail square on the head. A smidge of aggression and pure class, this is coupe perfection! The incredible deep metallic black paintwork is complimented by every carbon addition in the brochure at the time and when paired with the sage accents, it just lifts it from full bat-mobile to a true gentleman’s express. Step inside and you’re treated to more carbon fibre, be it forged this time for a more up-to date look matched up with the optional leather and stitching really making the black interior pop.


    Whoever spec’d the car from new certainly deserves a high five, the best options all ticked and a colour combo that is pure stealth, with a touch of timeless class. A balance that’s so hard to find. The car is in as new order throughout, with full service history and just back from a service from Aston Martin Specialists Bamford Rose, where Mike commented on just how good this particular car is. If you’re after one of the finest, last off the line Aston V12s, we are sure this car will stand you in good stead for the future.

  • Technical specification

    Thankfully the first owner of this stunning machine decided he needed to tick all of the spicy boxes available that day, so you’ve got thousands of pounds worth of optional upgrades, starting with the One-77 style steering wheel, carbon everywhere (even the bonnet vents are £4,500.00 from AM alone), chopped carbon interior, the upgraded leather and stitching inside, if you appreciate a car that has been well spec’d from the factory, this one will be the one for you. It is simply dripping in extras!


    The brake callipers, apple green slashes, stitching, exhaust tips are also extras on top of the standard list price.


    With all of the heavy lifting done with regards to depreciation, these cars are a smart bet. It is guaranteed that nothing quite like this will ever leave the factory again unless specially ordered and coupled with a seven-figure price point!


    The service history is full and complete, having just been collected from Bamford Rose, serviced and MOT’d ready for the new owner to push the beautifully weighty key into the dash and fire up their dream car and drive without so much as a worry. You’ll be hard pushed to find a better example anywhere.





    ENGINE CAPACITY: 5.9 Litre V12


    Maximum speed  201 mph

    Power   592bhp @ 7000rpm

    Torque  465lb ft @ 5500rpm

    0 – 62 in 3.5 seconds

    PRICE: £108,995.00 - ONO




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