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1967 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior - GTV engine & interior.

1967 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior - GTV engine & interior.


MAKE: Alfa Romeo

MODEL: GT 1300 Junior


YEAR: 1967

MILEAGE: 78,600

PRICE: £36,995.00 


  • Description

    This little beauty is back with us, as the owner would like to buy another car from us, so we are lucky enough to be able to have it for a second time! A lot of work has been undertaken since his ownership too, making it even better than when we last sold it.


    Where to start!? Having owned one myself, I can attest that these are not just gorgeous to look at, but are also a wonderful car to drive and own. There is a build quality and finish unlike anything else of the era and even better than the Germans (this is coming from a serial BMW owner).


    They drive in a manner that rewards finesse, with every dainty input noted and reported back through the steering wheel. With the brand new Alfaholics GTA wheels and Yokohama tyres, it has almost endless grip and will surprise a lot of people with just how well they whip around corners.


    Fire up the 1600 twin cam to hear that fabled induction roar. The engine has been upgraded during its life to add a spring to its step. It idles very quietly and behaves wonderfully and once warm and off of the choke the car performs as you’d expect from a GTV. A little extra pace in the straights, which is really what the 1300 always needed. Open the Webasto sunroof (which is water tight!) to reveal all of the noises that take you directly to St Mary’s at Goodwood and you’ll know that not a lot will touch the 105 coupe to own.


    This particular example has been owned by three friends of ours and we have just imported her in from Italy. It is a fine example that runs and drives beautifully and wants for nothing bar enjoying! Obviously, this is a classic car and there will be areas that you may want to improve upon aesthetically, but it is an honest, dry, survivor car in fine fettle and we feel should be driven and enjoyed as it is.

  • Technical specification

    From the factory the car was installed with the “smokers pack”, which has since been updated to allow you to charge your devices through it. Ideal for the summer road trip you had planned! It still has its original Alfa Romeo floor mats intact, a testament to how well loved the car has been.


    During its life the car has had a Webasto sunroof installed, I’m normally a purist, but having driven this little car, it fits nicely with its non-original interior. You may have noticed those “Flying Buttress” seats pulled from a later 1750GTV, which are not only incredibly comfortable, but also ridiculously rare and valuable in their own right.


    Since its arrival from Italy, we have made sure that the car is properly prepared to go and enjoy the roads here in the UK. We have addressed the following items to make sure that you can hop turn the key and enjoy her:


    • UK registered
    • Alfaholics GTA wheels (originals supplied)
    • New Yokohama tyres
    • Distributor cap
    • HT Leads
    • Spark plugs
    • Oil change
    • Filter
    • Suspension bump stops
    • RHD headlamp conversion
    • Will come supplied with fresh B&W plates
    • New clutch assembly
    • New radiator and coolant hoses
    • Drive shaft rebuild
    • Clutch linkage rebuild
    • Engine block coolant drain tap replaced




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    ENGINE: 1570cc (1600 GTV) inline 4 twin overhead camshafts.


    Power   108bhp @ 6000rpm

    Torque  115lb ft @ 6000rpm

    PRICE: £36,995.00 




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