Introducing the exclusive new HPC Volt Classic Mini Mayfair EV Conversion Programme.

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Our mini is fitted exclusively with high-tech new parts. We do not use recycled or salvaged parts from a doner EV car such as a Nissan Leaf or Tesla. 

We use the latest Lithium Iron Phosphate "LifePo" battery chemistry. The batteries are new of course. This chemistry is safe: no explosion on puncture or overcharge or overuse. Less heating than Lithium NMC that can explode or take fire. Much better for the environment as Iron and Phosphate are widely available. By opposition, NMC Nickel Manganese Cobalt is not environmentally friendly. 

Our mini has an optimized powertrain including a high voltage (400v) motor with regenerative braking. We have removed the old tech clutch/gearbox system and instead use a much more effective 1-speed gearbox that has less friction and is much lighter.

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"Where classic styling meets innovative technology"

Before prepping the Mini for its EV conversion, we invested heavily in a thorough restoration, which has given the car a new lease of life whilst being sympathetic to its heritage.

Combining the restoration with our EV conversion work, this is truly the definition of a modern classic.



"Performance and reliability in equal parts"

With our complete EV upgrade comes incredible performance gains. It may look equal to its other Mini siblings, but it certainly doesn't perform like them.


A lot of tech plays a part in reinventing the driving experience, namely that of the new high voltage (400v) motor and super low friction 1-speed gearbox.

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