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Introducing the exclusive new HPC Volt Classic MinE - EV Conversion Programme.

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The driving force behind this project is to gain experience and knowledge within this rapidly expanding sector in the classic car world.

Converting an existing car to electric propulsion is a complex but fascinating challenge with multiple problems and issues to overcome.

Our main goal with this electric classic prototype is to produce and refine a simple kit that can be easily fitted to any classic shape Mini.

Our mini will be fitted exclusively with brand new high-tech parts. We do not use recycled or salvaged parts from a doner EV car such as a Nissan Leaf or Tesla. This will allow us to customise battery pack size and location, keeping us within the confines of the original chassis which cannot be modified in any way due to DVLA guidelines.

We will be assembling the battery packs in house using the latest Lithium Iron Phosphate "LifePo" battery chemistry. This chemistry is very safe with no risk of fire from puncture damage or overcharging.

They have less heating than Lithium "NMC" which has the potential under certain circumstances to catch fire or even explode. Also this chemistry is on the whole much better for the environment as Iron and Phosphate are widely available.

Our mini will be powered by Swindon Powertrain's 400v motor and gearbox with regenerative braking. The bespoke gearbox and differential is a much more effective 1-speed unit that has less friction and is significantly lighter than the original combustion engine and gearbox. 

Classic Mini Kit.jpg
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"Where classic styling meets innovative technology"

Before beginning the installation of the EV technology, we have carried out a thorough restoration of the chassis and suspension. This has given the car a new lease of life whilst being sympathetic to its heritage.

Combining the restoration with our EV conversion work, this is truly the definition of a modern classic.



"Performance and reliability in equal parts"

The EV upgrade will bring incredible performance and reliability gains. It may look equal to other Mini's, but it certainly won't perform like them!


A lot of tech plays a part in reinventing the driving experience, namely the new high voltage (400v) motor and super low friction 1-speed gearbox.

HPCVolt Mini EV Schéma-Top View (1).png

Throughout the build we will be updating this page and our social media with photos and videos of the build. If you have any questions about the process or would like to register your interest for the finished product then please get in touch by clinking the link below.

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