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1960 Austin Healey Sprite MK1 (Frogeye)

1960 Austin Healey Sprite MK1 (Frogeye)


MAKE: Austin Healey

MODEL: Sprite MK1 (Frog-eye)


YEAR: 1960

MILEAGE: 40,326

PRICE: £16,495.00 

  • Description

    Do cars get any happier? Look at his little (massive) smile! The thing is, this car will make you grin like that too. This could well be the slowest sports car we’ve ever sold, but smiles per mile are truly unbeatable! I myself owned a 1961 sprite when I was a mere 23 years old and to this day, I’ve still not had such fun in a car, they really are sublime.


    This particular car has had a ground up rebuild and the engine is the most well-behaved A series we have ever seen. It runs like a sewing machine and starts before you have the handle pulled all the way out. The brakes, suspension components, wheels, tyres and many more items are all new and therefore it drives fantastically, changing direction like a gnat all whilst making such a beautiful noise.


    The smooth-case gearbox is wonderful to use and handling is sublime. I’m almost certain that you could beat a 500hp modern car down a B road too, as they’re so slim, you needn’t slow down for oncoming traffic nor corners as it hangs on like nothing else! It simply is brilliant!


    The paintwork has been prepped in house and presents very well, although isn’t a perfect new paintjob and shows some age-related marks and micro blisters in places, it doesn’t detract from the car’s overall appearance. It is also on its original steel bonnet, so I’ve no reason to question the mileage, the car is in utterly magnificent order, it drives better than almost any 60’s British classic, looks fab and add to that the new interior, you’d be hard pushed to find a better value investment / Frogeye anywhere.

  • Technical specification

     This delightful little sprite has undergone a full restoration, which seemingly has left no stone unturned. Unfortunately, the previous owner has misplaced the documentation for this, hence the car being at such a good rate. There are bills and MOT’s dating back to 2000, but nothing dating from before then. However, the sheer condition and way the car behaves should lay waste to any doubts you may have on the car. In my honest opinion the only item that I’d look to change would be the steering wheel to something more period correct and fitting.


    The engine is beautiful, the ride and handling sublime, everything works as it should and the car has great oil pressure to boot. It is supplied with a good condition tonneau cover, hood and steel hood support.


    In all, it’s a great value, mechanically sound, useable and enjoyable Sprite for a lot less than anything like it on the market today. Why not come and try it for yourself and see if you can drive it without smiling, we dare you!




    TRANSMISSION: 4 speed manual



    Maximum speed  82 mph

    Power   45 hp @ 5500 rpm.

    Torque  52 lb.-ft. @ 3000 rpm.

    PRICE: £16,495.00 - ONO




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