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1966 Jaguar MK2 3.4 Litre, Automatic

1966 Jaguar MK2 3.4 Litre, Automatic


MAKE: Jaguar

MODEL: MK2 - 3.4 - Automatic

COLOUR: Gold over Caramel

YEAR: 1966

MILEAGE: 115,913

PRICE: £29,995.00 - ONO


  • Description

    There aren’t many cars that are as instantly recognisable as the MK2 – the quintessential British classic, starring in every period drama and potentially the first real saloon car that was as famous and sought after as the gorgeous coupe that it sat in line with. This particular example really does shine and look all the icon this model should!


    Having been fully restored from a bare metal shell in 2002, the car has clearly been in great care since, the paintwork barring a few minor blemishes shines and looks absolutely brilliant, you would be rather proud to take this to any show, anywhere and the car would be respected. The brightwork is also in fabulous overall condition and aids the magnificent original colour of golden sand.


    The car only gets better when you open the doors… Of all of the MK2’s we see in the workshop, this interior is absolutely the best of the lot, with perfect veneered dash, walnut everywhere, wonderful caramel leather seats and a fresh carpet set, with added sound deadening to make the already cosseting ride even more refined. The car was fully re-trimmed in 2021 and the quality of the work is rather impressive, it feels such a special place to sit!


    Turn the key and start the engine and the whole car comes together as Jaguar intended, a slight bark from that lovely twin cam 3.4 inline six, settling to a smooth and almost silent idle. Engage drive and you’re off in a package that’s so comfortable and on a level that modern cars and designers have just completely forgotten exists, it is quite frankly an exquisite place to cover miles, nothing compares. If you’ve not driven one, you’ll likely be amazed at just how nice it is, none of the pain of classic motoring, just a comfortable, beautiful and easy way to travel in style.

  • Technical specification

    The car has had a full restoration in 2002, back to bare metal and subframes off, although there aren’t any invoices to show this, there is pectoral evidence within the lovely bound history file, with the finishing touch being the interior retrim in 2021, the car isn’t concourse, but it is a very tidy, rust free and useable car, which you’ll be proud to show off, but not too scared to use, the ideal balance!


    The car was upgraded to PAS in 2017 too, so it is even easy to move around at low speeds, making parking a breeze.


    The history isn’t complete, but there is a nice collection of old MOT’s, Tax discs and invoices. There is also a completely original Jaguar service policy slip, which is a little rarity.


    In order to get the car running just right, we rebuilt the carbs and changed the box oil in 2021, with a few more minor tweaks in 2022 before we were happy to put the car to market, so that you know you have a wonderful turn-key car, that you’re able to go out and enjoy right away. The only point of note in our pre-sales inspection and work was that the “park” function on the gearbox struggles to engage, however the handbrake is very efficient and holds the car well without it anyhow.


    All in all, a car that presents wonderfully, has come from diligent ownership and drives beautifully as a result. If you’re looking for a MK2, this one has surely got to be one of the nicest colour combinations and in the nicest order out there.




    TRANSMISSION: Automatic

    Engine: 3.4L Inline six, twin cam.

    Power: 210 bhp

    Torque: 291 Nm

    0-60 mph: 10.5 seconds

    Top Speed: 118 mph

    PRICE: £29,995.00 – ONO




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