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1972 BMW 2000 Touring

1972 BMW 2000 Touring



MODEL: 2000 Touring

COLOUR: Colorado Orange

YEAR: 1972

MILEAGE: 111,000

PRICE: £17,995.00 

  • Description

    Even if you’d never seen one before, with the shark-nose and distinctive kidney grilles, you would immediately know that this car was directly from Munichs finest era. BMW’s crowning glory years, the e3, e9, e10, e12, e24, e28 and e30 bodied cars all the absolute pinnacle of reliable, fast, classic motoring these days. But my word, it isn’t just reliability they’re great for, the style is inconceivably cool too.


    It’s not just the front end that shows BMW’s prowess for clean, smart and muscly lines, the rear of the car shows that new design feature – the “Hoffmeister Kink” which was fresh and has since been universally copied. It’s a shame they truly don’t make cars like this anymore.


    Mechanically too, the cars were leagues ahead of the competition in the USA and U.K too. Disc brakes as standard on the front, double wishbone front suspension with a solid ARB to stiffen things up for cornering speeds to be kept so high, they easily kept up with the sports cars of the era on a B Road, or a track. I’ve put this to the test myself many times, having owned most classic BMWs, they are truly stunning drivers machines.


    This particular example isn’t perfect; however, it is almost unrepeatably original, having had only two previous owners. In a wonderfully fresh colour of Colorado Orange, this one will stand out at any show you take it to. There are only around 30 Tourings left on the roads in the U.K at the moment, so it is indeed very rare, having only been made for a very short (2 year) period, they were rare already to begin with.


    The car starts on the button and drives very nicely, getting admiring glances and sparking conversations wherever you go. There aren’t many cooler, faster or easier to drive classics around for this money, with the legendary M10 engine at the front, which has been dubbed as the best 4 cylinder engine ever designed in some tests, there really isn’t anything you wouldn’t enjoy about piloting this beautiful and practical car around Europe or just to your local show.

  • Technical specification

    There is a decent history folder to go with the car, with details of its sale to the second owner dated 1978 and old MOTs showing 1977, it has a great history to support its mileage and low ownership too.


    This car has everything you’d want in an ’02 – RHD, manual, non-sunroof, with a super original interior. Even the boot lamp works as it should! It is very nicely put together and really does wear its years well.


    The engine has been serviced by us here at HPC to make sure that it is all in fine fettle for the new owner, with the carb tweaked to make sure it is running as well as it can be, so that you can just get out and enjoy the car.


    You’ll be pleased to find that the brakes have been upgraded to the Volvo style 4 pot callipers and vented discs for phenomenal stopping power, which is in fact even better than a modern car! I had the same upgrade on my ’02 and it was one of the standout items that I would recommend to anyone owning an e10.


    The paintwork overall is nice, not perfect, but shines up well and is very presentable considering it hasn’t been full resprayed. The rear arches and some other areas were attended to in the 90’s and although it isn’t the neatest job we’ve seen, it surely is functional, as the arches are pure steel and in absolutely fine fettle.


    So, all in all, you have an honest, super rare, well cared for piece of BMWs history, which sadly, the likes of will not be repeated. Grab your slice motoring nirvana now!




    TRANSMISSION: 4 speed manual

    ENGINE SIZE: 1,990cc

    POWER: 100bhp

    TORQUE: 116 ft/ lbs

    0 – 60MPH: 10.1 seconds

    PRICE: £17,995.00




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