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1975 TVR 3000M

1975 TVR 3000M



MODEL: 3000M


YEAR: 1975


PRICE: 21,995.00 

  • Description

    Some machines make you wonder just what on earth has happened to car designers, this being one of them. It seems very few cars have such a cohesive stance. Wide and low rear end, short overhangs, a nice cabin, decent flares on the arches, muscular lines on the business end and the finishing touch - the symmetrical twin exhaust tips. Loads of glass for visibility and to keep the swooping lines in check, it's hard to find an angle not to love. Especially dressed with nice fresh paint and shod with the purposeful and freshly polished T-slot alloys, is this peak 1970’s sports car design? It can’t be far adrift!



    Step inside and you’ll find a pilot’s seat designed to engage. A cracking and very ergonomic driving position all barring the slightly set-back gear lever positioning in this car, owing to the upgraded type 9 five speed transmission. A period veneered dash encloses your classic gauges, press the start button and the fighting fit, fresh and fettled engine fires into action instantly with a lovely burble from the new stainless exhaust pipes; you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a V8, it really does sound that good! You’ll need a prod of throttle to move away, as the car has a lightened flywheel and a competition clutch to mate smoothly to the fast road upgraded engine, as soon as you’re moving, you can tell the car is purposeful!


    On the road the car handles beautifully, with brand-new suspension all round, set up by yours truly. With a nice chunk of sidewall, the ride is super smooth and compliant, but when you turn in, the car changes direction a lot more like a modern machine. The chassis is direct, with pin-point accuracy, matched with the throttle response from the lightened flywheel and buckets of torque, you really can drive the car at the limit very safely thanks to the epic amounts of feedback, making it all the more enjoyable!

  • Technical specification

    As described by the photos, this is a recently restored example, having no stone left unturned and thus it runs and drives like a new M series would have in 1975, if not better thanks to the well-considered upgrades this car has been treated to! The list of works carried out within the last 500 miles is as follows:


    • Outriggers replaced, chassis galv. sprayed and painted.
    • Body stripped and fully repainted.
    • All new suspension & adjustable AVO coil-overs.
    • New brakes all round
    • Engine fully rebuilt to fast road spec.
    • Lightened flywheel.
    • Competition clutch.
    • New tyres.
    • Wheels refurbished.
    • New alternator.
    • New radiator & electric fans.
    • New carpet.
    • Seats retrimmed.
    • New door seals.
    • New Weber carb.
    • Dashboard re-veneered.
    • Type 9 gearbox – 5 speed upgrade.
    • New lights all round.
    • New clutch cable.
    • New exhaust.
    • Fuel & brake lines.
    • Master cylinders.
    • Cooling tower & coolant hoses.
    • HT leads, distributor, cap, points, coil.
    • Washer bottle.
    • Titanium wrapped manifolds.


    Along with a whole host of other items. Nothing was overlooked in the job of getting this wonderful car back to its best and it really does show in how the car performs on the road. With only 950kg to move along and circa 200bhp to push it along, it keeps up with more modern cars with ease and will make you smile twice as much too.


    HPC have just completed an oil change from the running in oil, along with a general set up and once over to make sure the car is spot on. The car will also be rolling road tuned to ensure that you’re getting the best possible performance from that lovely new engine!


    All of the history from the restoration is all kept within a beautiful leather HPC Classics folder, to show just how much time and effort has gone into the car. Unfortunately, the car doesn’t have any early history with it, hence the quite astonishing asking price. Yes, this could well be the best value restored classic TVR yet. All you need to do is push the button and enjoy it, with free tax, no MOT and the best car club and petrolhead fanbase and owners, what on earth is stopping you!





    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    Engine: 3.0 Essex V6

    Power: Circa 200bhp

    0-60 mph: 6.6 seconds (estimated)

    Top Speed: 130 mph

    PRICE: £21,995.00 – Open to sensible offers

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