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1978 Aston Martin V8S OI - 5.7 JMB Engine & 5 Speed ZF

1978 Aston Martin V8S OI - 5.7 JMB Engine & 5 Speed ZF


MAKE: Aston Martin

MODEL: V8S – Oscar India

COLOUR: Rolls Royce Peacock Blue

YEAR: 1978


PRICE: £62,495.00 - OVNO


  • Description

    If you’re looking for the ultimate V8S to build to your specification look no further. With all of the bodywork, paint, chassis, suspension, interior, trim and engine build already mostly complete the car will be sold for less than the sum of the work carried out.


    Resplendent in its beautiful Rolls Royce Peacock blue paintwork, the full body restoration was carried out by marque specialist Prestige Paintworks (Chris Pursall), complimented by the light blue interior, which is its original colour, all re-trimmed and professionally fitted, all it needs is the original and re-veneered dash and trim to go in to finish the look.


    Every single part for the car has been bought new / refurbished already, about the only parts left to source to the best of our knowledge are a front and rear screen for the car.

  • Description

    The two biggest highlights are the engine and gearbox. The engine has been put together using an all-new block, heads and CNC’d pistons by JMB services, built to 5.7 litre specification the engine should be good for 550bhp once finished. Bills for over £27,000.00 are in the file for engine parts alone. The gearbox is an original ZF 5 speed manual, a very rare gearbox indeed and we have seen these sell for over £20,000.00 alone, this is supplied with the bell-housing and selector too.


    Predominantly only hours and patience are required to complete this once in a lifetime build opportunity at half the price of a finished car of a lesser specification, I think you’ll agree this is a very attractive proposition. Even if you wanted an Oscar India on a budget, you can still end up with a fabulous car for a lot less than buying a finished car – A handsome prospect in any respect.


    To back it all up, there is a box full of history with the car, not full, but very comprehensive. All of the major spend items have already been purchased, even the correct new drive shaft and clutch are with the car waiting to go in. Maybe the most cost effective ways of getting into the ultimate Oscar India, of which only 291 were ever produced.



    TRANSMISSION: ZF 5 speed manual

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 5,700cc

    PRICE: £62,495.00




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