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1993 Mercedes Benz 280E

1993 Mercedes Benz 280E


MAKE: Mercedes Benz


YEAR 1993

MILEAGE 37,000


PRICE £10,995.00


  • Description

    37,000 miles? That really is nothing, even on a modern performance car, but on what is widely regarded as one of the best engineered lumps of all time? Used as the taxi of choice across Europe in the 80’s and 90’s, the venerable MB straight six is almost “un-burstable” with lots of these cars smashing 500k miles without ay engine work at all! That should give you some idea of the condition of this car. I doubt it has ever seen rain. Not a spec of rust to be seen anywhere. All original paint, every book the car was supplied with is still intact up to and including the first aid kit, still in the cellophane!


    So, does it drive as well as it looks? Yes, of course! It is like a new car, only better! There is plush suspension, a decent amount of sidewall and the much-revered E class seats, which make for a ride far superior to even the best cars on offer today. A silky-smooth gearbox and an engine that is smoother than a sewing machine just make this time warp example the perfect classic daily (maybe)! I don’t use the term time warp lightly either, but this car looks, drives and feels as though it was on the forecourt at your local Mercedes Benz dealer in the mid 90’s as a second-hand part exchange on 5k miles.


    You’d have to search high and low to find a better one, in fact, you’d have to search hard to fid one at all! I believe there are only around 2 more advertised across the U.K at present, this one looking to be the best value example there is. Ideal for a Mercedes Benz enthusiast, as it is just that good!

  • Technical specification

    Classic silver over blue, a very nice colour combo on a car that looks as though it was built last week. Why oh why manufacturers stopped making cars like this I’ll never know! The build quality is otherworldly and, in such condition, it’ll remain on a level above the new stuff for many years to come.


    The car starts immediately as you turn the key and behaves perfectly on the road. Tight steering, smooth gear changes and a ride that is second only to a classic Rolls Royce. The car has a surprising turn of pace from the 2.8 straight six. 193bhp being more than plentiful to keep up with modern traffic in style.


    All of the electrics also work as intended, the electric sunroof, blowers and even the button to drop the rear headrests work just as they did when new. With a full history, every booklet and all of the spare keys, inclusive of the 90’s E class keyring as an added bonus! You won’t find a better modern classic Mercedes investment / if you wanted to use the car daily, it could be the most reliable car you’ll ever buy!


    The car will have a service here prior to sale and will be ready to drive away. What are you waiting for!




    TRANSMISSION: 4 Speed automatic

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 2.8 Litre inline six


    Maximum speed  143 mph

    Power   193 bhp @ 5,500 rpm.

    Torque  270 Nm @ 3,7500 rpm.

    0 – 60 in 9.1 seconds

    PRICE: £10,995.00 – Open to sensible offers




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