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1994 TVR Chimaera - 4.6L JE Engine

1994 TVR Chimaera - 4.6L JE Engine



MODEL: Chimaera 400

COLOUR: Starfire Mica Blue

YEAR: 1994

MILEAGE: 54,600

PRICE: £15,750.00

  • Description

    All you need to do is to turn the key and you’ll know this car packs a punch! Breathing through its lovely ACT exhaust, the recently rebuilt John Eales Developments 4.6L V8 means business. Rolling road tested and tuned showing 235bhp, it is a lot healthier than most 400’s out there. The paintwork shines nicely and presents very well considering the age of the car. The alloy dash looks smart and not at all dated, it’s still a modern looking cabin even by today’s standards, aided by the Leven alloy dash kit.


    The car is running modern electronic ignition, so mated to the engine rebuild, the fact it has just had nearly £2,000.00 spent on it, with new front dampers, 12k service, clutch slave, engine mounts and cooling tower, it is a reliable TVR ready for summer adventures! The car drives very well and the fresh suspension shows as it handles beautifully. It also has the bonus of some seriously grippy rubber – Toyo R888’s, which really suit the character of the car, giving bags of confidence unlike the normal fare used on the RV8 era cars. Such an un-adulterated driving experience really benefits from the additional cornering bite.


    I started off with a Chimaera 400 and they get under your skin unlike any other car. I’m now on my third RV8 TVR (a Griff 500) and I simply cannot shake the bug, so come and try this lovely, well sorted example out to see how you can be caught by the bug! The TVRCC are also the most active and best car club in the UK, so you’ll immediately gain 5,000 friends the moment you purchase the car! Come and get it & get involved in all of their and our own events this summer!

  • Technical specification

    As above, the car has had a JE Developments engine rebuild to the 4.6L spec, which gives a fair chunk more firepower than a standard 400. The car has had a full 12k service, with full history from new and only 5k miles on the newly built engine, the car is about as strong as you could hope for mechanically.


    The car presents well, having had the interior fed and re-coloured recently. The fresh dash and a new hood complete the fresh look. Hilton and Moss, who have carried out the recent work have also added a note stating that the outriggers are also in fine fettle, which is music to the ears of those that know these cars.


    The car also had a front-end re-spray in recent years to freshen it up, with the addition of the ever-popular Lupo lamp upgrade, so that you can drive at pace day or night, which is a struggle with the standard candles Blackpool spec’d back in the day! So, what are you waiting for, come and get addicted to TVR ownership like I did?


    I feel all if the Peter Wheeler era cars are criminally undervalued, a Lotus with the same engine and age, would be circa £50k now, not as rare or special and lacking that all important noise! The market is warming to this and from a few years ago when a decent Chimaera wasn’t a lot more than £10k, it shows that these can be an enjoyable investment, even if it provides free smiles for miles and you get to own one for free by the time you sell it onwards, it won’t be a move you’ll ever regret!


    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual.

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 3,952cc

    WEIGHT: 1,050kg

    TOP SPEED: 140mph

    0 – 60mph: 5.2 seconds (but known to get sub 5’s)


    Maximum speed 140 mph

    Power   235 hp @ 5500 rpm.

    Maximum torque      407 Nm or 300 lb.ft

    PRICE: £15,750.00 - Reduced for quick sale




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