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1995 Dodge Viper RT/10

1995 Dodge Viper RT/10


MAKE: Dodge

MODEL: Viper RT/10


YEAR: 1995

MILEAGE: 31,800

PRICE: £49,995.00  - ONO


  • Description

    If you were a petrolhead child in the 90’s, I’ll lay money down that you had a model of a viper of some description! I had two, in fact one of them is still here with me to this day in the workshop as they’re so iconic! But the Viper wasn’t just bedroom wall poster worthy, it had the pub chat numbers licked too, with an enormous 8.0L V10 out front and gigantic tyres to handle the torque, this car was every bit the muscle car it looked and more.


    Just look at it. It really is just as arresting now as it was back then. If you like your car to gain some attention on the roads, then you’ll probably have to get into Lamborghini Territory to match the Viper. On that subject Dodge had actually bought Lamborghini at the time of developing the Viper, thus it isn’t half as heavy as you’d expect either! All alloy block and heads and composite panels mean that the car is a lot lighter than your eye would have you believe! The car was designed purely with performance in mind and it shows.


    Slip into the extremely comfortable cockpit and turn the key and when the raucous V10 fires into life, it really does grab attention, a lovely low rumble that’s almost truck like due to the size and quantity pistons, it means business. With all of the torque in the world and comfortable suspension, it is genuinely really easy to tame, light and enjoyable to drive, I for one certainly see the appeal!


    On the road the Viper sounds great, pulls well, is easily tamed (don’t mistake that for refined mind you), but handles distances with alacrity and is most enjoyable, getting adoring looks from all around. Once warm, the exhausts do pop and bang a little too, just to let you know that you’re in a real muscle car. At 70 mph in 6th gear, the car is so under stressed it is only at 1,500 RPM! So, it isn’t even as bad on fuel as you’d think either.   

  • Technical specification

    Having just had an oil service in 2022, at 31,737 miles, so only 100 miles ago! The car is on the button and ready to enjoy as you’d expect from a car like this, loved and cherished. It starts first turn of the key and drives, handles and breaks much better than I’d have expected for this era of American muscle, it truly is a great machine.


    The paintwork is in cracking order having clearly been very well looked after in its 31,800 miles. You wouldn’t own something like this and abuse it. The interior is sparse and simple, just as intended, to allow you to concentrate on the loud pedal more! The engine bay again is very nicely detailed and really doesn’t look like it could be improved.


    The only area that could be any better would be the wheels, with a swift wheel refurb if you’re after perfection. Even the bonnet fit is better than most of the Vipers I’ve seen in the flesh, meaning that it has led a better life. Shod with Michelin Pilot Sports all round, the 335-section rubber on the rear still has plenty of wear left in them, so the car needs for nothing but jumping in and enjoying! What could be more fun or grin inducing for the money? Not a lot we think.


    The car comes with its original book pack, spare key fob, side windows, pop out rear window and the clip-on hood (but it isn’t overly likely that you’ll want to use any of them, as it looks so good without them).


    You’ll also be inspiring the next generations of petrolhead with each drive you take, so it is an important role, owning something as cool as this!





    TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual


    Engine: 8.0L V10 


    Power: 400 bhp


    Torque: 705 NM!


    0-60 mph: 4.5 seconds


    Top Speed:  165 mph


    PRICE: £49,995.00 – ONO






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