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1996 TVR Cerbera 4.2

1996 TVR Cerbera 4.2



MODEL: Cerbera 4.2

COLOUR: Spectrum

YEAR: 1996

MILEAGE: 33,000


  • Description

    Rarely cars crop up with almost everything about them being a little different, more often than not they’re of the TVR variety, but this one is even special in ways you can’t even see…


    With an outstanding history, steeped in TVR folklore, this car was ordered on the Motorshow stand on the very day of release way back in 1994! Why was it only registered in 1996 I hear you say, it has been well documented that many changes, design and mechanical were either chosen to be made or forced to from the prototype car on the stand that day, all of which is documented in the history file, with every letter from the factory confirming specs, changes, receipt of deposit and apologies for the delay also worthy of note! Some of which are penned by names the TVR enthusiast will really appreciate.


    The car was delivered in 1996, being one of the first production cars, it had a full list of options ticked, full hide, special order spectrum paint (have you seen another?) and proper wool carpets, another rarity. So, the cars early history is very detailed and quite possibly the most we’ve seen before a car was ever delivered!


    Add to that the fact that it has been campaigned in the TVRCC Sprint events over the years and has only had one previous owner, this particular car has been enveloped in TVR history its whole life and cared for in a way that it deserved too, with no expense spared. A one previous owner clatter cam Cerbera, ready to export to the USA, with phenomenal history and in great shape all round, it's going to be hard to beat for the budding collector.


    On the road, the car drives spot on, nice and smooth on the original alloy wheels. With plenty of sidewall, the ride is very compliant, maybe not to everybody’s taste these days, but at least they are original – always best to keep them with the car should you choose to swap them out. In normal Cerb V8 fashion, a full upgraded stainless de-catted exhaust is fitted, but without the sports back-box, so the car makes a great sound, but isn’t loud enough to get you a section 59! The engine pulls very strongly with good oil pressure, I genuinely think that a V8 Cerbera may be the most fun you can have in a car for the money, just unbeatable!

  • Technical specification

    Just as you’d expect from a one previous owner car that has seen minimal but good mileage with time spent both on track and on long road trips and tours, absolutely no expense has been spared in the upkeep in order to keep it running and driving completely A1 at all times and it certainly shows.


    The last 12k service was only 3k miles ago, with the tappets adjusted, the car will come supplied with a fresh MOT and have an oil service, so that it is ready for the new owner to just switch on and enjoy, as with every car we sell here at HPC, we put them through our rigorous checks and tests to ensure the new owner has as much fun as physically possible.


    With regards to preventative maintenance the car has had almost every last upgrade you could possibly ask for, Gaz Gold shocks, Alloy radiator, cooling chip upgrade by Joolz at Kits and Classics, Karl Baker alarm upgrade, ACT stainless exhaust and silicone coolant hose kit. A new fuel pump and fuel lines, fresh correct throttle pots, coil packs, injectors you name it, it has all been given TLC in recent years. It has also spent its time in a heated garage, so the chassis is as fresh as you could hope for, having also been coated and cared for which is evidenced in the history file.


    If you’re looking for a TVR that has rarity, provenance, thrilling noise from the moment it starts and you want something that stands out from the crowd, you can’t go far wrong with Peter Wheeler and Al Melling’s finest, that V8 is just unlike anything else. Still a bargain in the modern classic world, with Supras and Skylines, which may I remind you are MUCH slower going for huge money and nowhere near as rare and special, it is surely time for the Cerbera to come of age, get in soon before it’s too late…




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual T5



    Maximum speed  180 mph

    Power   360 bhp

    0 – 60 in 4.2 seconds





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