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1998 ACS5 V8

1998 ACS5 V8



MODEL: ACS5 V8 (e39)

COLOUR: Glacier Silver (Green)

YEAR: 1998

MILEAGE: 142,000

PRICE: £6,495.00

  • Description

    Some herald the BMW e39 as the best built BMW of all time, a fabulous fusion of style, handling prowess, power, build quality and reliability in abundance. I for one would certainly agree! We have 3 of our own here at HPC!


    This one being about as rare as they come, a real factory ACS5 V8, with the 310bhp V8, it sure is potent! The car makes a lovely noise from the first turn of the key and shows just what it was designed to do. With torque in huge waves from low down, this is even by today’s standards a very swift car. AC Schnitzer played with the standard BMW engine to weald an output increase from the standard 282 hp, to 310, they also added some nice touches, such as the body kit and most importantly for the AC fans out there, those deep-dish wheels!


    The auto box changes just as it should and the handling feels sharp, just as BMW intended. The car is surprisingly rust free and solid given its age and mileage, which again is testament to how well developed the e39 was before it went to market. The interior is still to this day a wonderful place to be, cosseting but all the while purposeful. Every last button designed for this car alone. Everything does exactly what you’d expect it to do, such is the purity of BMWs design. Function and form in equal measure.

  • Technical specification

    The car has been fully machine polished here at HPC Classics and shines very nicely. Ideally this car needs a caring long-term owner who appreciates its rarity and will give it the life it deserves, to be driven, cared for and shown at local meets, as this really is a rare machine that commands respect and draws a lot of attention.


    The only minor flaw is that the previous owner has lost its paperwork, thus it has very little history, so we recommend seeing the car prior to making any offers and judging it for yourself. It’s finding another one which will be the difficult thing to do. With Alpina’s of similar spec and mileage fetching well over £10,000.00 these days, this is competitively priced and open to offers to give somebody the benefit of not having the history.


    Get in touch to secure your bargain piece of automotive history!


    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed automatic

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 4,398cc


    Power   310 hp @ 5,400 rpm.

    Torque  460NM. @ 3,600 rpm.

    0 – 60 6.0 Seconds

    PRICE: £6,495.00




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