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1998 TVR Chimaera 450 - Syvecs ECU

1998 TVR Chimaera 450 - Syvecs ECU



MODEL: Chimaera 450

COLOUR: Paris Blue

YEAR: 1998

MILEAGE: 66,700

PRICE: £21,999.00 


  • Description

    All you need to do is to turn the key and you’ll know this car packs a punch! Breathing through its lovely twin stainless exhaust, the recently retuned Syvecs ECU’d 4.5 V8 crackles into life. Rolling road tested and tuned showing 256bhp, it is a lot healthier than most 450’s out there, even though they’re rare as it is. The paintwork shines beautifully and presents very well considering the age of the car. The interior is all totally standard and presents very well indeed to boot.


    The car is running a modern Syvecs ECU, so mated to the 450 engine, being the pick of the bunch, this car starts, idles and runs better than any car we’ve seen on a standard 14CUX Land Rover ECU that’s for sure. The smoothness of the power is telling, the long throttle pedal throw really giving you options as to how hard to push on and you’ll need it too, she has lots of bite! This is a quick car. Potter round town and in car parks and you also get the best of the ECU too, unlike a lot of RV8 engined TVRs, there is no shunting at all, meaning that you can cruise at super low revs. In 4th gear at 30 mph for example the car is super happy and will return you cracking MPG figures, so it’s a win-win situation!


    I started off with a Chimaera 400 and they get under your skin unlike any other car and I simply cannot shake the bug myself, so come and try this lovely, well sorted example out to see how you can be caught! The TVRCC are also the most active and friendly bunch often winning the best car club in the UK, so you’ll immediately gain 5,000 friends the moment you purchase the car! Come and get it & get involved in all of their and our own events this coming summer!

  • Technical specification

    The car presents incredibly well, having had the interior fed and re-coloured recently.


    An absolutely huge history file accompanies this car, with old invoices and new alike. The TVR service book is present and a huge 21 stamps in the book mean that it has had a service every year without fail. For those that know their TVRs, you’ll know it is much better for them to be in constant use and well cared for, the low owners of this car just prove it has had diligent and caring ownership.


    Having used the car on our recent TVR meeting here at HPC Classics, I can confirm that the clutch, brakes, suspension and chassis are all in fine fettle. The car doesn’t leak a drop either, which is testament to it being so well cared for. It goes like a rocket and handles the bumps with aplomb. The and sought after gorgeous Paris Blue paint making this the one to have, a 450 with the right paint and interior, low owners and a better and more reliable engine management system, there really isn’t anything more you’ll want from a TVR, besides maybe more noise – but we can sort that..



    I feel all of the Peter Wheeler era cars are criminally undervalued, a Lotus with the same engine and age, would be circa £50k now, not as rare or special and lacking that all important noise! The market is warming to this and from a few years ago when a decent Chimaera wasn’t a lot more than £10k, it shows that these can be an enjoyable investment, even if it provides free smiles for miles and you get to own one for free by the time you sell it onwards, it won’t be a move you’ll ever regret!



    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual.

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 4,546cc

    WEIGHT: 1,060kg

    TOP SPEED: 161 mph

    0 – 60mph: 5.1 seconds


    Power   256 hp @ 5500 rpm.

    Maximum torque    407 Nm or 300 lb.ft

    PRICE: £21,999.00 - ONO






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