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1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI


MAKE: Mitsubishi

MODEL: Lancer Evolution VI


YEAR: 1999

MILEAGE: 53,000

PRICE: £28,500.00 - ONO - PX Welcomed

  • Description

    Black on black is always a menacing combo, but with the wing, huge front grille and intercooler on show, you know this car means business. With immaculate bodywork and a great interior, some rare options fitted and supplied with all of its book packs from the factory, it is clear that this example has been cherished all of its life. Needless to say, that it drives even better than it looks. Light, nimble, extremely fast once the boost builds up and surefooted beyond belief. It is obvious as to why these cars were such fierce opponents on the rally stages.


    Hop inside and the adjustable bucket seats immediately show the cars thoroughbred heritage and with it, its intentions. Around the cabin you have a turbo timer, to limit wear on the turbo, an adjuster system for the upgraded Tien dampers, which is very smart indeed and the additional gauges, showing oil temp, pressure, boost and coolant temperature, the all-important information for someone who really cares for their engine. It is clear from the outset that the car has been in loving ownership, with the original A pillar still with the car, it can be put back to original should you so desire.


    The boot wouldn’t normally get a mention, but this has to be the cleanest boot space we’ve ever seen on any car. It really paints a picture of the care lavished upon this car. So good in fact, that the U.K importer kept it for himself! Once landed from Japan, the car was fully protected underneath and is absolutely rust and rot free. It has been treated to a full service in 2023 including the timing belt and we have fitted a new water pump to help protect the car for the future. A clean MOT has already been given and the tester commented that it was the cleanest Evo he had ever seen all round.

  • Technical specification

    With only 53,000 miles on the clock, the car has clearly been used sparingly and it shows in the presentation of the vehicle, it’s very hard to find fault anywhere, not a dent or ding in sight, clear lamps, a perfect MOT pass shows that the car is as clean underneath as it is on top. It also goes a lot quicker than the claimed “276hp” would have you believe. It is a well-known fact that the Japanese manufacturers of the 90’s all had a gentleman’s agreement to not exceed that stated figure, even though their cars would show much greater figures in test situations, this car is a good example of that, owing to its lightweight body too, but it certainly feel every bit as fast as most modern 400bhp cars!  


    In the engine bay you may well note the advantages of an upgraded intake system, blow off valve and some very rare ARC heat shields. Then you have the Tien electronically adjustable dampers, which are very trick! Ralli Art strut braces front and rear to give more body control, teamed with the timeless and expensive Enkei wheels and as an overall package, it is mighty impressive! Finished off with the Brembo brakes poking through the wheels, which bring it to a stop as well as it accelerates and turns in, it looks just right to the eye and drives it too.


    If you’re looking for an Evo VI, this one has to be worth a look, very well spec’d, prepped and cared for. Besides a TME, there isn’t much more you could possibly ask for from a Lancer!




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    Engine: 1,997cc Turbocharged

    Power: 276 bhp (claimed)

    0-60 mph: 4.8 seconds

    Top Speed: 140mph

    PRICE: £28,500.00 – Open to sensible offers & PX




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