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1999 TVR Chimaera 500

1999 TVR Chimaera 500



MODEL: Chimaera 500

COLOUR: Moonraker black

YEAR: 1999

MILEAGE: 38,000

PRICE: £11,999.00 - ONO


  • Description

    Of all of the Chimaera’s built, very few were 500’s, so this is a rare car in itself, add to that the moonraker black paintwork, the additions of PAS and AC you then have a very rare car and that’s only the beginning of the story…


    As you’ll immediately tell, this car has had a host of upgrades and presents in a way that commands respect. An evil smile and a killer colour combo reminiscent of the JPS Lotuses of the 70’s, it really is an eye catcher from any angle.


    The car has benefited from both cosmetic and performance upgrades during its life, so it is a unique proposition for the new owner, we’ve yet to see another like it. The car has been in slumber for the past 5 years, so we have done an oil and filter change, drained and cleaned the tank, fitted new fuel lines, pump and filter and a fresh battery and she started first turn of the key, so it will make somebody a very tidy, very rare and incredible looking 500 for a small sum!


    It is worthy of note that the car was Cat D written off in 2006, simply down to some paintwork that the insurance company wouldn't pay for / agree on, thus reducing its value, creating an even better entry level 500 price for someone willing to revive it.


    The car will still need some more work to bring it back to its best, therefore is sold as a running, driving project, with a view to a body off in the future to address the outriggers and to refresh the bushes etc… and give it a rebirth.

  • Technical specification

    The car presents well, with decent paintwork and a lovely interior, with upgraded seats to Cerbera items for long distance comfort and to hold you in a bit more during spirited driving.


    Even though the car has only very low miles, it has had a host of upgrades already, taking care of a lot of the work you’d normally consider part of a rebirth, thus lending itself beautifully to the home mechanic who would like to drive and improve as you go, we would also be more than happy to assist with the required work under the car to get it back to its former glory.


    The car is on the button and perfectly reliable, with the fans kicking in as they should, cooling provided by the upgraded alloy radiator via the ACT silicone coolant hoses, another worthy upgrade.


    We have also compression tested the engine and it is rude health, so any potential buyer can be safe in the knowledge that the engine is a sound base and doesn’t need attention. Turn it on and you’ll instantly notice the ACT cherry bomb exhaust, which has about the best sound a TVR can make, pure V8 perfection, again, another great investment made already. Under the car there are a set of relatively fresh Gaz Gold adjustable coil-overs to up the ride quality and adjustability.


    There are the cosmetics to mention too, the smoothed in rear bumper, which looks great, the front canards, BBS replica wheels, Leven alloy stalk kit, alloy dash fascia and covered mk3 lamps too, make this car really stand out from the crowd, a very stylish and swift value entry to TVR V8 ownership. With a little investment, this could be a real show stopper and due to the low numbers 500’s were made in, would be an asset to any garage!


    Get in touch now for your chance to own one of the most exclusive Chimaera’s out there!



    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual – T5 box.

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 4,997cc

    WEIGHT: 1,060kg

    TOP SPEED: 167mph

    0 – 60mph: 4.1 seconds


    Power   320 hp @ 5500 rpm.

    Maximum torque 320 lb.ft @ 4000 rpm

    PRICE: £11,999.00 - ONO





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