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2001 Jaguar XKR Convertible

2001 Jaguar XKR Convertible


MAKE: Jaguar



YEAR: 2001

MILEAGE: 51,000

PRICE: £22,250.00 


  • Description

    The modern E Type? Timeless and classic lines, with a muscular stance, the XKR is already a modern classic, with prices steadily on the rise for these iconic cars, a safe and enjoyable investment for sure, just wait until you catch a view of yourself in a shop window, what a stunning silhouette.



    This particular car in its fantastic and rare colour combination has led a very cossetted life. We have worked on quite a few X100 cars here at Jagtechnic and HPC and I have personally owned a 4.2 XKR and can honestly say that this car has by far the healthiest engine and gearbox of any that I’ve had the pleasure of driving. Gently burbling away with its factory standard exhaust at idle, when the windows are closed, you’d barely know it was running. Sport mode on the gearbox works exactly as intended too, which is another rare find.


    All of the standard items to worry about on these X100 cars have already been sorted by way of preventative maintenance. The all-important chains and tensioners have already been upgraded too in 2014 at 41,000 miles. Finding one with zero rust is nigh on an impossible task nowadays, however this car is absolutely rust free, the best example out of literally thousands that we’ve seen. The only reason it is for sale at all, is that our customer was so pleased with the car & our service, that he has traded it in to upgrade to our recently sold Austin Healey 100/6!



    The paintwork shines wonderfully, the side on shot here really shows it off, a truly stunning and rare choice which is very hard to find. The interior is almost as good as a new car, the windscreen surrounds, which are no longer available are as good as you’ll ever see. 4 matching tyres, a true enthusiasts car and an astute purchase. If you want the best X100 there is, you won’t go far wrong.


    As well as being quiet and extremely comfortable, do not forget that these are blisteringly quick cars. With the supercharger whine making its way into the cabin as the revs rise, a sweet sound isn’t the only noticeable effect, you’re thrusted towards the horizon at quite a rate of knots. Come and test the car on our fantastic local roads to see for yourself why these XK’s are finding their place in the market alongside true icons. Timeless? We’re sure of it.

  • Technical specification

    The car is supplied with all of its book packs, service history from new, brochures and all of the invoices presented neatly in a file made up specifically for this car. With only 3 previous owners, it has been lucky enough to reside in some very caring hands, which clearly shows wherever you look at the car. A perfectly detailed engine bay, the history, the paintwork, the interior, you simply can’t fault it.


    The reason we sold this car originally is that it was the best one we had seen, it is now even better having just had the only items it needed doing attended to, being a ball joint and a tie rod end, then being laser aligned, so the car is completely without fault and ready for the new owner to get in and enjoy.


    The timing chains and guides have been upgraded, along with the hood hydraulics too, which is another known point to take care of. Underneath this car is as close to a new X100 as you’re ever likely to see besides one that has resided in a museum perhaps. The Sills are unmarked and the usual rust areas of the front and rear subframes are absolutely spot on.


    Jagtechnic have looked after this car since 2014, so we know it inside and out and can happily stand by this as quite frankly the best one you’re likely to see.


    You would be very hard pushed to better this example, so if you’re looking for an X100 and don’t wish to spend out on constant upgrades and repairs, this car is certainly worth viewing first.





    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed ZF automatic

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 3,996cc


    Power: 358 hp / 363 PS

    Torque: 505 Nm / 372 lb-ft

    0 - 60 mph in 5.2 seconds

    PRICE: £22,250.00 - ONO

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