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2002 Porsche 911 Turbo (996)

2002 Porsche 911 Turbo (996)


MAKE: Porsche

MODEL: 911 Turbo (996)

COLOUR: Silver

YEAR: 2002

MILEAGE: 38,800

PRICE: £49,995.00 - ONO


  • Description

    As far as iconic shapes go, the almost unaltered 911 silhouette has remained the height of fashion for decades. Bedroom wall posters, winning races, road tests and more for nearly 60 years. In fact, what better way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 911 next year (2023), than driving the pinnacle of the road going cars, the Turbo. In its early years dubbed the widow maker, for its rear end weight, turbo punch and the fact it loved to swap ends on an unexperienced driver. A lot has changed since those early days of the turbo, they are still revered and universally respected, but an altogether more polished and tractable car, easier to drive swiftly and with as many creature comforts as you could wish for, the ultimate cross between a supercar, GT car and a sports car? Well, an awful lot of motoring journalists seem to think so.


    This particular car, is in a condition where it would befit a collector, or someone who will cherish its condition and history, as they don’t often come up in such good shape, with this provenance. The car is absolutely spot on, bar one small crack in the paint on the front valance, only noticeable from close range, the paintwork is spectacular, as is the interior, engine bay and front boot space. You’d be very hard pushed to mark the car down.


    It is supplied with its original leather book pack, with every item still in situ, both keys on as new Porsche branded leather key rings and an additional leather folder with all of its service history, invoices and documentation neatly stored in date order, it really is one that you can’t go wrong with.


    The 996 has been slightly unloved, be it due to the “fried egg” headlamps, or the fact that it is the first of the water-cooled cars, their values have been in the doldrums for some years, but now with a 993 Turbo hitting £250,000.00, the 996, especially one as good as this, looks like a very sensible investment for the future. The engine is also brutishly reliable, unlike the standard NA cars which suffered with IMS bearing failure, let us remind you that the Turbo doesn’t have one, thus will not suffer this fate - even more reason to trust in Stuttgart’s own understated missile!


    It is every bit as good on the road as it was when new, stable, fast, refined and controlled. Every ounce of its German precision is still intact. If you’re looking for a Turbo to look after, that will no doubt look after you, you’d surely have to consider this one!

  • Technical specification

    An almost perfect 996 Turbo, with low miles and full Porsche Service History, along with some rare options.


    6 speed manual gearbox
    Factory Turbo Aerokit
    Metropole blue full ruffled leather seats
    Leather door panels and dashboard
    BOSE surround speaker system
    Electric sunroof
    Driver and passenger full electric memory seats
    Full Official Porsche service history

    The car was ordered new with several factory option upgrades:

    09991 Exclusive-programme manufacture
    XAF Turbo Aerokit
    XCA Aluminium-look dashboard trim strip
    XCB Aluminium-look instrument surround
    XCC Aluminium-look side air vents
    XCD Aluminium-look centre air vent bracket
    XTR Aluminium-look door panel parts
    XJ4 Leather covered ignition lock surround
    XV1 Leather covered defroster trim
    X54 Oval stainless steel exhaust pipes
    X71 Aluminium-look Instrument Dials
    X97 Gear lever knob with aluminium inlay
    X98 Handbrake lever with aluminium inlay
    342 Heated seats
    454 Automatic speed control

    Porsche Service History:

    03.09.03 5,370 miles Porsche Centre Kendal
    16.12.04 13,569 miles Porsche Centre Kendal
    07.02.06 18,951 miles Porsche Centre Kendal
    29.03.07 23,216 miles Porsche Centre Kendal
    18.04.08 26,371 miles Porsche Centre Kendal
    16.04.08 28,451 miles Porsche Centre Kendal
    07.05.10 28,610 miles Porsche Centre Kendal
    12.05.11 30,781 miles Porsche Centre Kendal
    11.05.12 31,720 miles Porsche Centre Kendal
    20.05.15 35,273 miles Porsche Centre Guildford
    08.03.16 36,035 miles Porsche Centre Guildford
    08.03.18 36,553 miles Porsche Centre Guildford
    05.07.19 37,211 miles Porsche Centre Brooklands
    08.07.21 38,320 miles Porsche Centre Norwich


    A fabulous car, with a completely full history, plus a raft of invoices over and above the Porsche history shown above, this car, with rare options and in almost immaculate condition, having only had two previous owners, is very hard to beat. Great value and a sound investment that can be enjoyed.


    Jason Plato absolutely loved the car in the recent Fifth Gear release - and we are sure you will too! For a 996 Turbo with no chance of dissapointment, this is it!



    TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual, 4 wheel drive

    Engine: 3.6 litre twin turbo

    Power: 414 bhp @ 6000 rpm

    Torque: 413 lb/ft @ 2700 rpm

    0-60 mph: 4.2 seconds

    Top Speed: 190 mph



    £49,995.00 - PX considered

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