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2003 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

2003 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish


MAKE: Aston Martin

MODEL: V12 Vanquish

COLOUR: Nero Daytona

YEAR: 2003

MILEAGE: 45,522

PRICE: £0.00 (Private plate not included)

  • Description

    As far as iconic cars go, you’re hard pushed to find one that most people will agree on. However, if James Bond has sat in one, it’s highly likely that it automatically fits in that bracket. The V12 Vanquish is one of those such cars, shooting to fame in the family favourite film, becoming a firm favourite with all generations due to its phenomenal good looks, performance and intoxicating sound.


    This particular car has just been fully detailed for sale and comes equipped with a trickle charger and fitted Aston Martin car cover. The car still has all of its brushed alloy additions in tact as shown in the photos, including the Leatherman multitool. As a package it truly wants for nothing, besides a brand-new car, you’d be very hard pushed to find another at this level.


    On the road, it drives absolutely spot on, incredibly smooth and refined with an exhaust note that only gets better the more you push it. The gearboxes on these cars actually add to the experience and bring an analogue sense of driver involvement, which is often lost on more modern supercars, you can't not grin when pulling the paddles.

  • Technical specification

    The service history is what sets this Vanquish apart from the others out there. It is all from Aston Martin supplying dealers, specialists such as Chiltern, Lancaster, Aston Martin Works, AM Sevenoaks and most recently Pugsley and Lewis. This car has 20 individual stamps in the book, meaning that it has been looked after unlike any other, I’ll let the history speak for itself, but this car couldn’t physically drive any better. If you’re seriously looking for a Vanquish, then this is the one for you:


    06/05/2003 – 1,426 miles

    20/10/2003 – 3,344 miles

    04/05/2004 – 5,261 miles

    08/10/2004 – 5,947 miles

    20/04/2005 – 6,856 miles

    01/11/2005 – 9,362 miles

    02/08/2006 – 12,731 miles

    16/04/2007 – 14,110 miles

    07/11/2008 – 28,005 miles

    20/11/2009 – 35,665 miles

    08/11/2010 – 36,858 miles

    02/08/2011 – 39,008 miles

    11/09/2012 – 41,525 miles

    09/10/2013 – 42,992 miles

    01/10/2014 – 43,882 miles

    29/09/2015 – 44,266 miles

    04/10/2016 – 44,667 miles

    18/09/2017 – 44,963 miles

    28/09/2018 – 45,074 miles

    17/10/2019 – 45,356 miles



    TRANSMISSION: 6 automated manual

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 5,935cc

    WEIGHT: 1,835 kg


    Maximum speed 190 mph

    Power   460 hp at 6,500 rpm

    Torque  400 lbft (542 Nm) of torque at 5,000 rpm

    0 – 60 mph – 4.5 seconds

    PRICE: £0.00 (Private plate not included)




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