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2005 TVR Sagaris

2005 TVR Sagaris



MODEL: Sagaris

COLOUR: Arancio Atlas

YEAR: 2005

MILEAGE: 20,000


  • Description

    The one TVR got right eh, well, that bloke off the telly isn’t far wrong. The small changes made to the Sagaris all add up to make a big difference, so not only does it look unlike anything ever made, even by TVR, it handles unlike anything else ever made too. It is as good to drive as it is to simply behold. Don’t listen to your mate Dave at the pub, who’s mate’s, postman’s, dog’s aunty had one and it handled so badly, she hit a tree and it then caught fire, because all that pub talk is nonsense, these cars are up there with the very finest machinery from the very best manufacturers, if not for me even better. Way rarer than any Ferrari you’re likely to buy for similar money, more alive and a million times cooler, let alone cheaper to own, run and maintain, name something you don’t like there! Plus, you don’t see anything else with paint like this – stunning doesn’t begin to cut it.


    Inside is a usual TVR fayre, all custom made around you, the driver. Billet alloy pedal box, personal steering wheel, TVRs own binnacle with all of your most wanted gauges at your fingertips, accessible through the hidden buttons behind the steering wheel (yes, they were pretty advanced by this stage!) and a full inbuilt roll-cage to offer you that safety too. This particular car has a lovely full hide interior including the seat backs, but the pumpkin Alcantara seat inserts and stitching compliments the exterior and really brightens up the interior too, it truly was optioned just right!


    The build finished with slash cut side exits, AP Racing brakes to retard the car at an alarming rate, the same way it takes off. All of this is fantastic, but it is the nail on the head chassis balance, that is almost indescribable. If you are even remotely tempted to try a different supercar, I implore you come and experience the joy of a Sagaris, unlike anything else and all the better for it…


    This example is as per the photos, simply exemplary. We’ve not seen any other TVR that’s this good. The paint, interior, engine bay, chassis, suspension, wheels, you name it, it is as close to concours as you’ll ever see. With 20k miles on the clock and a massive history, you’ll struggle to find a better car, as an investment due to its quality, or to drive. We know it doesn’t have 5 thousand on the clock, but its all the better for it, if you know TVRs, you know they’re better for being used, keeping the oily bits oily, but as you can tell, this one has not been abused!


    From the moment you grab the keys and unlock the car, you can tell it is a level above the competition, even the key fob (which has normally collapsed on 95% of cars), clicks as though it were brand new, such is the quality of the car, not one area wants for attention. Fire the car up and it bursts into a perfect idle, a roar from the ACT big bore exhaust (the original comes with the car too), engage first with the slick T5 and you’re ready for the biggest event you’re going to experience! No car will pull more smiles, questions or get more attention at any show either. This thing is just unbeatable, come and see for yourself. If you want the best, it’s this one or nothing!

  • Technical specification

    With a beautifully detailed file full of TVR service history, with its original order form in situ still. It was spec'd with the short ratio gearbox and has had the diff rebuilt to 3.91 ratio too! Every invoice filed in date order, with the last service in 2022, with the throttle body mod done, along with fresh factory suspension all round, amongst a whole host of other upgrades, taking the aesthetic of this car to a point where an ACT carbon airbox is about all we can imagine you could possibly upgrade.


    The tyres are all TVR branded all round and have good life left in them, the brakes are fresh and not a single area of the car looks or feels like it needs anything at all. Mechanically as good as it looks. The chassis is also as clean as the top, pure white perfection throughout without a single crack in the paint, or a drop of rust anywhere, this car is an eat your dinner off it immaculate example.


    With the US market due to be able to import these rare beasts soon, they are a very astute investment prospect too, as we’ve seen the values of similar cars jump drastically in recent years for the 1990’s cars, even things that were not rare and too special, just wait and see what cars this special will do!


    An investment, the best-looking TVR, one of the best cars to drive, raw, involving, incredible. What’s stopping you!





    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 3,996 cc


    Maximum speed 185 mph

    Power    406 hp @ 7,000 rpm.

    Torque  473 NM. @ 5,250 rpm.

    0 – 60 in 3.7 seconds

    PRICE: £87,495.00 – ONO - PX





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