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2009 Pilgrim Sumo - AC Cobra

2009 Pilgrim Sumo - AC Cobra


MAKE: Pilgrim


COLOUR: Blue over cream

YEAR: 2009

MILEAGE: 3,000

PRICE: £29,995.00 – ONO

  • Description


    Built nearby in Sussex, to this date Pilgrim sports cars are still making dreams a reality with affordable, cracking looking Cobras for the budding enthusiast. The right looks, noises and experience. There aren’t many cars that draw a crowd or garner lusty wistful glances like the AC Cobra and this one is no different. In the perfect colour combo and almost as new having covered a mere 3k miles from build, its cossetted life clearly shows, as the quality of the fit, finish and even the detailed engine bay are better than any other Pilgrim we’ve seen.


    It is also the smoothest Rover V8 we’ve ever seen, too, with 200bhp on tap, it sounds and goes very well, to help pull off the image. A lovely V8 burble emitted from the side exit exhausts for the aural pleasure of every passer-by, as if the looks hadn’t grabbed their attention already!


    This particular car comes from quite the stable and is only looking for a new home as the current owner has purchased a TVR Sagaris from ourselves recently, so space in the garage is required! You’ll be hard pushed to find a better example or coming from a better home, of TVRs, Ferraris and even BMW race cars too!

  • Technical specification

    With the venerable Rover V8 up front, you have all of the correct American V8 noises, from the lightweight all alloy pushrod unit, making the front-end light and easy to point in the right direction. You also get nice and simple servicing and abundant and affordable parts too, which has to be a bonus for any owner.


    The brakes are servo assisted and provide tonnes of stopping power, the clutch is light and easy to handle at low speeds, the gearbox is smooth and easy to use, as is the steering via the beautiful wood rimmed wheel. There isn’t much not to like & you don’t have to look like Jonny Bravo to haul the car around with comfort, everybody can enjoy driving this car as it really is that easy and natural.


    With the ideal colour combination, the side exit exhausts, all new chrome and noises to stir anybody’s soul, even if you’re not a true petrolhead, this car will put a smile on your face as though it was a real Cobra, but all in a package 10 times cheaper than the real thing these days!


    If you’re looking for the bucket list tick or it’s been a lifelong dream to own a Cobra, I’d say it’s worth coming and seeing this one before any others, you’ll struggle to find fault!



    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 3.5 litre


    Power    200 bhp

    0 – 60 in 7 seconds

    PRICE: £29,995.00 – ONO




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