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2013 Dax Cobra - De-Dion Chassis

2013 Dax Cobra - De-Dion Chassis


MAKE: Dax / AC

MODEL: Cobra


YEAR: 2013

MILEAGE: 3,800

PRICE: £47,995.00 

  • Description

    As far as a “fake snake” goes, you’d have to try pretty hard to top this, unless of course you’ve commissioned your own new build! So, in essence the car is as new, barring a few very small bits here and there. Adoring glances wherever you go, questions, comments and generally loved by everyone that sees it.


    Turn the key, push the start button and the car fires into life with the sort of aggression you’d only expect from a thrash metal concert. A truly unmistakable sound of the 5.7L V8 beautifully emitted from the side exit exhausts for everyone within a half mile radius to enjoy! By this point you’re already sold on the charm of the Cobra, it doesn’t take much.


    With a roomy and comfortable cabin, its not even a difficult car to pilot. The brakes are absolutely incredible and the handling is leagues ahead of our expectation, with a very smart De-Dion anti roll set up on the front end, the steering is very direct and sits very flat in the corners, with surprising levels of mechanical grip on offer.


    The back end of the car is also a lot better behaved than expected, of course unless you don’t want it to behave… It has plenty of punch to be able to enjoy the grunt of the V8 in the way that only true American muscle car owners know how!


    It really is the full package, handling, noise, looks and also the price v’s a new build or real one are all on its side. You’d have to try hard to find something as grin inducing for less!

  • Technical specification

    The car was originally built by the one and only Dax specialist to the most exacting of standards,


    Well, as this car is basically new, it hasn’t needed anything! Since we sold this car last year it has covered a mere 1,200 miles, had a lot of TLC to make it even claner and is now only back to us for sale as a new toy is taking its place in the garage. The oil is like golden syrup still and everything looks and feels just as it should, as it has been stored properly in a dry and heated garage all of its life.


    We have tuned the carb to make sure the car runs and idles exactly as it should and given the car a two stage machine polish in order to give the lustrous shine the car deserves, but besides that it wants for nothing, just a new owner to hop in and go and have some fun.


    So why not come and see what all the fuss is about. If you’re considering a Cobra build, or looking at something truly special for the weekends, you’ll not go too far wrong with this one.  


    The car comes with spare keys, front number plate and the AC badges, should you wish to fit them.




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    Engine: 5.7L V8

    Noises: All of them

    Speeds: Plenty for a rolling burnout…


    PRICE: £47,995.00 – Open to sensible offers




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